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So how does this process work?

1. Contact me with your inquiry for a free consultation: jbullard @

2. Once we decide on where to start with your research plan you will receive a detailed contract from me by email.

3. Please review the contract, sign it, return the contract to me along with payment and any other requested forms.

4. Now sit back and wait for your digital research results.

Scroll down below to select your research option.

Contact me:  jbullard @

Traditional Family Research 160.00 for 4 hours

If you would like me to help you trace your family history by researching old records this is the option for you.  Once the 4 hours of research has been completed I will provide you with:


1. A digital summary report of my findings,

2. Digital copies of any supporting documents I uncover,

3. A working digital pedigree chart of your ancestors,

4. And a suggested further research plan with expected time & cost.

Please note that sometimes records can not be found due to fires that have destroyed record holdings, simple loss due to age, or there may have never been a record at all.

DNA Analysis Research for Adoptees 200.00 for 5 hours

If you are an adoptee looking for your biological family I can help.  Many times adoptees have taken at least one ancestry DNA test, this is great, but I do recommend testing your autosomal DNA with all 3 main companies:,, and  This will increase your odds of making connections with biological family because you never know where they will test.  It can be overwhelming for adoptees to have to sort through all of their DNA matches.  This is where I can help you by going through your closest DNA matches. 

After I have completed 5 hours of research you will get:

1. A digital DNA summary report of how closely your matches are related to you with an explanation of the DNA triangulation

2. I may also suggest further testing

Please note that I will need access to your DNA account which I will discuss with you once you contact me.  Also keep in mind that people you are looking for may not have had a DNA test or that they do NOT want to be contacted.

Everyones family history is unique so I must research each persons family in a way that is specific to their own family.  I have two examples below from two different people.

Person 1: Jane Doe's family chose to go by nicknames and they moved to a different state every few years.  The family was not a prominent family so they were not featured in local papers or they could not afford land so there are few traditional records for this family.

Person 2: John Smith's family founded the local city and they have deep roots going back to the 1700s in the city they founded.  Many were landowners, business men, or local lawyers so they were featured in the papers. 

To tackle the research of both of these familys I would start off with each one and spend 4 hours researching initially.  The difference between these two is that Jane's family will probably produce few documents as compared to John's family.  At the end of the 4 hours I would contact the client and give them an updated estimated research plan of focus.

Please note that no genealogical research is ever truely finished.  You may get to a stopping point and decide to pick the research back up in a few years when more records have been released to the public.  Again you may find only what you found before or you may be able to finally break that ole brick wall down.

Also understand that when researching for your Native American ancestors you may never find a document that states they were "Indian."  Many indigenous people went into hiding because it was not safe for them, think back to a few instances such as Apache Leap, the genizaros, and the Other Trail of Tears.

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